OmegaCare Forte

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OmegaCare Forte

OmegaCare Forte

OmegaCare Forte Capsules are a Dietary Supplement
of Concentrated Fish Oil containing:
60% Omega-3 + 20% Omega-9

Essential Fatty Acids.OmegaCare Forte capsules are unique in that:

A. They contain a maximum concentration of Omega-3.

B .They contain Omega-9.

C. They are free of any poisonous substances, such as Dioxin or heavy metals – mercury or lead.

D. Capsules coated with vegetable gel, instead of animal gelatin.

Recommended Use:
Take one capsule twice a day

Omega-3 is a brand name for a group of unsaturated fatty acids, essential for the daily functioning of the human body.

Since the human body does not manufacture them, and cannot produce them during regular metabolism, it has to consume them on a daily basis, whether in food – mainly cold water fish such as mackerels, herring, salmon or anchovy – or by food additives – mainly concentrated fish oil capsules, rich in Omega-3.

It is important to note that Omega-3, like Vitamin C, is not retained in the body for a long time, and has to be added on a daily basis to answer the regular needs of the body.


Omega-3 is present in each cell of the human body, and is responsible for a significant number of its functions.

Omega-3 constitutes ca 20% of the fatty tissues of the human brain (the brain itself consists of 60% fat and 40% water, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals). By retaining the flexibility of the membranes separating and enveloping body cells, Omega-3 enables the cell receptors in our body to absorb insulin, for the purpose of dissolving sugars and absorbing calcium and potassium, which build the skeleton and other important connective tissues.

Omega-3 is an important part of the insulating system of nerve cells in the brain and body, and may reduce – or even prevent altogether – electric “short circuits” causing functional brain disorders, such as epilepsy, migraine, depression, schizophrenia, attention disorders, hyperactivity et`.

Omega-3 may prevent adhesion of fatty platelets to blood vessels, thus preventing or reducing blood clotting and cerebro or cardio-vascular infarction.

Omega-3 regulates heart rate and may reduce, or prevent cardiac fibrillation or cardiac arrest.

Omega-3 – as per the GISS Study – reduces the risk of recurrent cardiac events by 20%, and reduces death due to recurrent cardiac events by 45%.

Omega-3 – according to the American FDA – is good for cardio-vascular function, and in spite of not being a medication, it can be noted on its label as “good for your health”, and may be consumed in a daily dose of up to 3 grams, with a physicia`s prescription.

Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory, and may reduce, or altogether prevent, diseases resulting from immune deficiency of the human body, such as Psoriasis, rheumatic diseases, Kroh`s disease and Colitis.

Omega-3 reduces the proliferation rate of cancerous cells and may help conventional therapy in preventing recurrence of the disease.

Omega-3 may prevent dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention disorders and hyper-activity in children, if the mother consumes it during pregnancy and breast-feeding. It may also help children suffering from these problems.

Omega-3 may prevent various types of depression, and helps the treatment of all types of depression.

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